Mobile predictions for 2011

Mobile development really exploded in 2010, largely due to a huge surge in the adoption of smartphones, and the popularity of the iPad and the iPhone.

A lot of clients ask us what kind of mobile apps makes sense for their business, and if they are worth investing in considering the cost and the rapidly changing technology. After all, is what’s hot today still going to be relevant tomorrow? This is especially true for mobile technology, where the landscape can change in a period of six months, let alone in a year.

While no one can totally predict the future, here are five predictions for what we will see happen in mobile in 2011, compliments of the folks at mashable.

1. Tablets will become even more popular, as competitors to the ipad enter the market.
2. Mobile video sharing will increase as bandwidth improves.
3. HTML5 will make customizing apps for specific devices easier.
4. Flash (or the lack of it) still won’t matter.
5. We will likely see a Verizon iphone.

Based on the how mobile will continue to change the way we communicate, I think it’s safe to say that businesses who ignore its impact will do so at their peril.

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